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We go above and beyond when it comes to Disability Housing

Interested in securing Special Disability Accommodation (SDA)?

All SDA houses must meet the bear-minimum requirements of the BCA in order to be at an appropriate standard for people with a disability – however those bear-minimum conditions is simply not considered to be a desirable long-term option for participants.

So what do we do that’s different?

We ensure that all home-designs extend beyond just the bare minimum to turn these functional spaces into homes everyone wants to live in – now and into the future.

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Special Disability Accommodation (SDA) Provider

We provide a unique opportunity to enrich the lives of others through stable, sustainable homes. 

In order to meet the new requirement for Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) our company helps supply new , fit for purpose properties for Service Providers and Participants who want the very best in disability accommodation. 

If you feel that there is a possibility that you fit the eligibility criteria, check eligibility by completing the form below (2 – 3 min):

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To ensure the highest possible standard of living, We only work with SDA-certified builders who use materials that meet NDIS guidelines and built homes to the highest standard, because it is crucial for people’s health and safety. Most homes are built from Improved Living through to High Physical levels catered specifically for participants’ needs.

Our homes are more than just a place to live – they’re designed with you in mind. To create a home that is as close to perfect for you and your family, we go another step further. We make sure they have the following:

Steps to Securing an SDA Property for Participants

Participants are required to be approved for SDA prior to moving into a property, below are the basic steps required:

  1.  An OT report has been completed and submitted a review for SDA Funding with which level they are applying for.
  2.  An application form will be forwarded to the SIL Provider which must be completed by or for the participant.
  3.  If the participant is awaiting his/her SDA approval and has not been approved yet but has MTA (Medium Term Accommodation) then a lease agreement may sometimes be approved for a short term (3 to 6 months), which is signed off by the SIL provider. At some stages, MTA may be approved and paid for a 90-day period whilst the SDA funding is being processed. 
  4.  If SDA has been approved, then a copy of the OT report and NDIS plan must be forwarded to the ASDA Provider Group for review.
  5.  If the NDIS plan is approved, NDIA will request a Letter of Offer from the SDA provider to be submitted by the SIL provider / Support Coordinator immediately to NDIA for approval – the process may take approximately 14-21 days if there are no issues.
  6.  ASDA Provider Group, during this process, will then forward a service agreement that must be in place prior to the tenancy.
  7.  A General Tenancy agreement will also be forwarded from the Property Management to the client which needs to be executed and returned prior to entering the SDA Property. 

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